We have partnered with eMDf to provide secure access to the information stored in your electronic medical chart.

Our goal is to provide the best and most convenient health care to our patients. The portal allows you to securely access your electronic medical records over the internet at any time, day or night!

The Web Portal allows secure access in key areas such as health maintenance, medications, lab results, and much, much more.

What We Offer:

Messaging: You can receive important reminders or messages in your inbox. This keeps you up to date on any developments in your health care.

You must have a user name and password provided by our staff to access the Web Portal. Messaging requires a valid email address on file.

Chart Information: A complete listing of the major areas of concern are provided, broken down into ten sections. You can review areas covering major and acute problems, allergies (both food and drug), vital signs, health maintenance, diagnoses, etc.
Prescription Information: An invaluable source of information is provided covering your active medications, previous medications, and any special notes from your provider. The information includes the prescriptions name, size, dosage, how often to take the medication and the number of refills remaining.
Lab Results: Most lab results posted to your records are found in this section. Date, time, type of lab and the reults are some of the lab details found in this section.
And More! Explore the Web Portal and learn what is going on concerning your health care.

How Do I Get Access?

Access is configured prior to your arrival. The receptionist will provide you with the login name and a temporary password. Your initial login will require a change from the temporary password to one of your choosing. Remember, the password rules are strict and require a minimum of six characters with at least one number and one special character.

Special Characters: !@#$%^&*()

What If I Don't Want Access?

No problem. Simply tell the receptionist you're not interested and they will restrict your records to in-house access only.

Is My Information Safe?

All connections are secure and data is encrypted to prevent unauthorized access. Your password is the key to protecting the information. Never allow anyone to know your password or use public connections or unsecured WIFI to access your information.

What If I Have Questions?

You can contact any of our clinics for answers to your questions. Our admin staff is trained to provide assistance.